Republic to Empire at 10 GBP!

As I am just about to take delivery of a large quantity of The War of Three Kings I need to make some space in the store. I currently have quite a lot of Republic to Empire after commissioning a hugely optimistic print run a few years back. Although the book sells well, I will be using the remaining copies to build a small housing estate if I don't do something with them now.

Typical French battalion in Column of Attack formation from Republic to Empire

As a consequence, we are offering Republic to Empire at an absolutely knock down price of £10.00 ex postage per copy. Postage on the book will be set at a special rate of £4.00 for UK, £6.00 for Europe and £7.00 for the Rest of the World - Just click on the R2E SPECIAL RATE either UK, Europe or RoW and we'll do the rest.

16 player Borodino using Republic to Empire - 3,500 figures

I am very proud of these rules and the continue to be played by many groups. We have two variants as yet unublished - Four Empires covering mid 19th Century conflicts and Rally to the Colors!  covering the ACW.

Rally to the Colors! game using Republic to Empire mechanics

Once Clarence and I get in a huddle way may agree to release these two titles in pdf only.

Four Empires game - Tchernaya 1855 using Republic to Empire mechanics

Although the focus of this Blog is 17th/18th century gaming I continue to have a deep interest in the above periods and play games when time allows with the chaps. On the show circuit this year we ill repeat our outings with the Austrians with some nice Napoleonic fare sometime in the Autumn.

Storming La Haye Sainte - Waterloo re fight with Republic to Empire

So, if you have every wanted Republic to Empire but didn't want to pay the original cover price here is a chance to get a  full colour, 144 page sumptuously produced rule system with gate fold play sheet capable of handling games from Divisional to Army level in scales from 10mm-30mm.
Link here :

Republic to Empire for £10

Re fight of Bautzen with Republic to Empire