Returning to the scene.... LoA at Partizan 2017

Toggenhvud points out to Hiltonbock where the enemy are.....

Regrettably, The League of Augsburg has been absent from the Partizan show(s) for a couple of years. This was due to lack of bodies and the over-facing effort of single-handedly lugging a demo game and trade stand on a 640 mile round trip over 30 hours - I missed it!

Our pre-dinner stroll along the Trent to Newark Castle reminded us how much Clarence would have loved it here.

This year we made the trip to demo- only. Toggy and I achieved much during the nine hours in the car, our walk round Newark in the pleasant Spring evening, our relaxing drink in the Prince Rupert and a rather toothsome Thai in the restaurant next to the pub.
Quirky pub - The Prince Rupert - I had Rhubarb gin - yup, very Del Boy

We rounded off the evening of plans with swifty in the Millgate whilst corpsing watching ' 80's Celebrity meltdowns' on the bar big screen TV.

Our neighbours.. Dave and Aly's WWI masterpiece

Derby Pre- Dreadnoughts.. a harbour in Kamchatka?

Another of our neighbours... A lovely Sudan game .. not sure of the club

This set us up for a super Sunday in the Spring sunshine at Partizan. We got the game up in jig time and set about meeting many, many hobby friends before the doors opened. Really nice to see Shaun Bryant and Dean Whitehouse neither of whom I had seen for perhaps five years or more.

Yes . Mr Klutz remembered the Russian standards and pikes - they do make a difference of course

The games were good and the venue has the best natural light I have seen in a show venue for a long time. I enjoyed seeing Graham Cummings WAS game, The Derby Team's 1904 Naval battle (I love ships), Aly and Dave's beautiful WW1 battlescape, Chris Flowers 1973 Soviets v Germans and Dutch (unusual and interesting), The Perry's lovely Napoleonic Egypt game, Westbury's TYW Poles v Swedes?(I think) and several other interesting set ups.
Crann Tara's lovely Wild Geese

This was Edgehill - 6mm? or 10mm? can't remember

Our own GNW effort was very well received and despite a promise to ourselves that we would play the game Toggy and I managed two moves which happened between 1100 and 1115. Before and after that we were yapping continuously with a stream of visitors.

Other end of our game

Thanks to all of you who reminded me that the game looked very good WITH pikes in the Russian battalions! You really do have to be careful what you blog as it often comes back to bite you in the
bullet bag.

The formidable North Gate to Newark Castle

Lots of Warfare decisions made after this weekend and I am happy to say we'll be releasing some very fine ECW/TYW cavalry (10 sculpts) over the next couple of months. Thanks in particular to Paul Hammond for his assistance in making this happen.