River crossing scenarios - Barry's Half-men


Some new and unique pieces which I will be selling off.

I tinker with stuff. It's an illness and I have had for years. I can't just leave things alone. I have to be chopping up figures, converting them and generally mucking about. Having been fixated with river crossings in Ireland (it all started with the Boyne you see) for quite some time, I have accrued a lot of what was once described by a friend as Barry's Half men. 

Pretty much everything in this shot with be up for sale.

Recently, I have added to the collection of half men through my own casting efforts. I have taken a little extra time over the additions and having used them for some scenarios and photography I have decided, along with other select part of my collection, to make them available. I very rarely sell off anything which I have painted myself but its time to let some stuff go. 

These grenadiers are part of the lot being sold off

These unique little pieces will be available to buy - some as small units, some where the work is particularly nice, as individual models. I have based some of the newer items on perspex bases so they can be used on any river or ice? surface without looking out of place. Many of them have quite special histories featuring in many exhibition games, weekenders, books and magazines. 

Danes crossing the Lee channel at Cork in 1690.

Some of the figures are Warfare, others are from Reiver Castings, Wargames Foundry and Front Rank. Each piece is unique. Some gamers might want to grab one or two just as table decoration or markers for their games. Others might fancy a piece of nostalgia. There is of course the possibilty to put a representation of an entire unit on the table.

New - Gard te Voet officer - flag is changeable - for sale.

New infantryman - would do for several armies - for sale.

New Danish infantryman for sale

Danish officer - new sculpt design - for sale

In Ireland between 1689 and 1691 there were many contested river crossings including The Bann, Finn and Foyle in 1689, The Boyne at both Oldbridge and Rosnaree and The Lee at Cork in 1690, The Shannon at Athlone and various other points in 1691.

Boyne game a few years back

Battle of the Boyne 6 x 8 table.