Russian Big Wigs of the GNW #1 Daddy Bear

Russian General

I decided to experiment a little with the Warfare range in order to produce some distinctive command vignettes for the Great Northern War Russian Army.

#3 The brigadier

These pieces were actually to be a gift for a friend of mine. I wanted to make bases tell a bit of a story and use complementary combinations of models on each.

Flamboyant Marshal of Russia

I decided to do three vignettes. The first is of a very flamboyant Marshal, perhaps Sheremetiev . He is accompanied by a senior officer in cuirassier armour and an infantry officer from the Semenovski Guard Regiment.

The base is larger than the normal I use for vignettes

The second is a general waving his troops forward and accompanied by a Semenovski mounted senior officer and an infantryman from a red coated regiment.

Lots of water.. perhaps the Pripyet Marshes?

The last is of a brigadier in a distinctive white uniform. I will feature the second and third vignettes separately and focus this first post in the series on the flamboyant Marshal.

Casualty model from WLOA14

The Marshal model is the cornet from WLOA54 with the arm of King William III substituted. I believe there is huge untapped potential within the cuirassier cavalry code command packs for the imaginative wargamer/painter.

Check out WLOA40, 42, 44, 48, 50, 52, 54 and 56  for a great selection of officer and cornet types to convert or use 'as is' for senior officers of most armies of the period.

The water effect was achieved using my favourite medium Marine Varnish. The drum is from the accessories pack WLOA930.

The infantry officer is an unreleased Russian.