S22 GNW Swedish Grenadiers ready

S22 Swedish Grenadiers in mitre -ready

The first pack of Swedish grenadiers is in the 'ready' pose. We have talked a lot about how the grenadiers should be presented in the range and have several options up our sleeves including plug in grenadier caps but for now this pose was a safe bet.

Super pose with the head angled in an interesting way

same model

The tall mitre style appears to have been in use with some Swedish regiments and the samples here have been painted in a couple of different uniform combinations.

more traditional uniform combination of colours
rear view of the same model

The equipment detail is superb and the grenadiers look tooled up with their two pouches (one being a grenade bag) and field satchel.

#3 of the set

#3 again

These models are easy to paint but have a lot of detail which if it is to be done well takes a little time to get right.


#4 rear view

The faces are expressive and I have deliberately left off eye detail which I believe works out very well.


close order shot

The models are available in the shop now.

Here is the original test sculpt which although not commercially available has found its way to a few customers over the last year or so.

Crossing bayonets with a defending Russian infantryman makes the prospect of getting the full units finished a mouth watering one for me!