Sails on the horizon! - Finished Ainsty Merchantman

Sail Ho! Where away?
I really enjoyed working on this model. Perhaps I was all the time considering what I was going to use it for; The siege of Derry, actions in the Baltic, The Dutch Wars, maybe even something to do with Pirates... well no, that is done to death.
nice perspective
and another
I decided to partially rig the ship but of course the problem is then transportation and storage. As I do a lot of travelling and shows with my gaming I thought I should remain practical. That means, detachable masts. When the masts are removable then the ratlines go and also all of the connecting rigging between masts and bowsprit cannot be included.
these were quick shots and badly set up but came out ok
I wanted enough rigging to suggest some complexity without it being overpowering or impeding the placement and removal of models.

The sails I chose to wrap around dowel of the same diameter as the spars. I glue them first and then secured them with cotton rigging.

The vessel's first outing was at the Claymore show on August 1st, she will be disembarking invasion troops from Peter the Great's Army to capture Stockholm! So, sailing under the Czar's flag she completed her maiden mission without being sunk!