Salute 2019 Pre-order discount

No, I can't believe it either. SALUTE 2019 is in about four weeks. Somewhere in my head I could hear a voice saying, you'd better start planning for SALUTE which is in a couple of months.

Anyway, enough of this already. Here is a special offer for any products pre-ordered for SALUTE.

Pre-order any quantity of  the following products from our range ; Figures, Books, Flags and get them at a 10% discount. Add that to the zero shipping charges and it adds up to a nice little offer.

How to order

Send a mail to and let me know what you want. Let me know whether you want to pay by paypal or on the day in cash. I will either send the paypal invoice or we settle up at the show as you prefer.

This is the time to think about Ottomans, Prussians, Danes or all those things you meant to get last time you were browsing on the site.

See you there! you will find Warfare Miniatures at STAND TN07