Sipahis of the Sublime Porte

Finally I have managed to paint enough of the sipahis to put them in the shop in the condition they are meant to be seen. There are 15 different figures. 6 have split waists, 6 have sockets for arm variants, there are 12 arms with swords, pistols, maces and open hands. There are bow cases, scabbards empty and filled plus long arms to hang on the saddle side.

There are 7 different horses providing an enormous combination of options. 

These troops were the elite of the Turkish army from the high period in the 15th century through till the decline of the Empire in the late 17th century.

I have combined some of the models in credible groups to give an idea of how the units will look on the table. Amatch for Austrian Cuirassiers and Polish Hussars? We'll see on the table top.