Sir Maurice Eustace's Regiment of Foot WIP

Clarence Harrison - I started a regiment for Beneath the Lily Banners for our Historicon 2016 game: Sir Maurice Eustace's regiment of foot from the army of King James II.

For the Battle of Penny Burn Mill, the regiment will be 18 models plus a pike stand.

Of course, the unit is NOT in my plan for the Battle of the Boyne, but I always planned to collect beyond the handful of battalions I needed for that anyway. Eustace's regiment was present at most of the other major battles including Aughrim. Besides, red coats with yellow cuffs is a very common uniform and could also be used for many others with a flag swap...

Irish - O'Brien/Clare and Galmoy
Dutch - Fagel and Friesen
English - Trelawney, Beaumont, Churchill, Hasting, Douglas, and Erle

Not to mention one of the dozen's of regiments we know nothing about!

I'm nearly done with the second stand and hope to have them up in a few days...