Sneak peek: BLB scenarios book: A Taste of Victory


Wonderful cover art by Neil Roberts

I have been talking about it on an off over the last few months. We are pretty much there now. Over the next few weeks the first full scenarios book for BLB 3rd edition will be sent to print. 

Each scenario begins with some historical context

The book is entitled A Taste of Victory and offers eighteen scenarios set between 1676 and 1693. The table set ups are all geared for club night or home play with the maximum 28mm set up being 6 x 6 feet but most being a bit less. 

Each scenario has a full historical orbat where available.

The battles are mainly historical with a couple of What ifs or expansions on actual events. Several theatres and conflicts are covered.

Each of the 18 scenarios has a detailed deployment map

The format is full colour, 120 pages, hardback and very much in the style of With Talon and Claw. Each scenario has a historical background section, scenario set up, orbats, maps, special rules conditions where applicable and in many cases, additional relevant information.

Orders of Battle are laid out for Beneath the Lily Banners 3rd Ed.

The book is currently at the proof reading stage but I would hope for its release in November.

It only took fifteen months to get this one to print so, I am slowly getting quicker!