Snorkel up..

Aha! you say, where is he? Locked up at home and not blogging? Yes but...

I have been using all non-core work time to get these scenario pdfs packs produced from scratch. So far I have created six packs and play tested  and photographed 18 scenarios for inclusion. All the games have brief AARs to help players with tips and recommeded rules or adjustments where necessary.

All games are played on small tables and will take 25 minutes to 1 hour max dependng on how lucky or unlucky players might be. Rules systems are BLB 3rd edition and Donnybrook for land and the naval set soon to be published for sea. Any rules will of course suffice if the players make the necessary small adaptions.

All packs completed to date. deal with period 1667-1691 and so far, no single theatre has been revisited. I have chosen historical events and where possible the research/background info is specific about regiments, personalities, ships etc

This post is by way of a little update to let visitors know that I have not unplugged the internet and that more wargaming has taken place at this address in the last seven weeks than in the last seven years combined.

The concept of the games also now has a modular 'Big brother' and once the initial 10 launch scenarios are released I'll turn to the Brother and give that some attention.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of the gaming pictures from the various sessions.  I hope to release the scenarios within the next two weeks with a free taster available to download sometimes before then.