Snowstorm? Brainstorm? Fraudstadt.. League of Augsburg style

Looking from the Swedish right towards the Russian positions

I honestly thought I had blogged our Fraustadt refight(s). Clearly I had not! A request to know more on another thread has prompted me to go to the archive and pull out some pix and scour my memory for what actually happened on the day (s) we ran this in Dumfries two or three years back.

The Swedish Army from its left wing looking long the line

I felt the table was a fairly accurate representation of the battlefield and our order of battle for each army represented every unit making for a nice multi player game.

Behind the Russian Corps' positions

Saxon Dragoons and Cuirassiers on the right wing

Laying traps amidst the frozen ponds - Saxon Dragoons

I filled some gaps in the Swedish army by speed painting three or four battalions using the slap n' dunk method of flat colours and army painter. The results were pretty pleasing and the overall look of the army was super.

Swedish infantry get ready to march forward

Gunter Heim re-flagged some of his Saxon battalions to provide the Russian contingent. The terrain was Adrian's and the use of some Woodland Scenics snow scatter really created the right effect.

Attacking the Saxon right wing - massed Swedish squadorns

I calculated it was probably a full day game for 3-4 players per side. In the end we ran it twice as a historical re fight with the Swedes achieving to my recollection a reasonable but not spectacular victory once but on the second occasion coming such a cropper than we stopped the game - allowed the Swedes to disengage and re set with the Swedes fighting a rear guard action along the lone of the road which ran through their deployment area left to right.

During the game that ended in victory for the Swedes - the last stand of the Saxon centre

The cavalry led counter attack by the Saxons I seem to remember caused absolute chaos and Fraustadt become a dramatic Swedish defeat.

Swedish Vallack Allies charge Russian infantry

The troops came from the collections of Gunter Heim and your truly. I don't remember the guilty parties on either side but do certainly remember Gunter, Paul, Adam, Les, Mike and Jim at the table at various times.

The Saxon Guards

Maybe some of the lads will chip in with denials or claims of victory.

The armies close on  to contact on the third game - Swedish fighting retreat

It was a great game anyway.