Soldiers of Killiecrankie - a lovely day out in Perthshire

The event was in the area occupied by Mackay's baggage train.
I swithered (for non Scots swither is 'to hesitate') about getting out of bed that morning. I had loads to do for the show at Claymore the following weekend and did not relish 4 hours in the car during the awful summer we are having here in Caledonia. In the end, the prospect of some good pics for the new books plus meeting some people I had been looking forward to talking to for some time won the argument so in the end, I went for it.
Dunfermline's Horse
What a great day!

I am told by Alan 'Wellington/Montrose' Larsen that the idea came during a chance meeting between himself as a battlefield geek and some interested locals which took place on the battlefield itself a few month ago.
The infantry march onto the field
I am glad they decided to bring this event to the public as it was a wee gem. The weather was suitably Scottish and a young visitor from the Emerald Isle asked me if the weather was always like this in Scotland. 'Raining you mean?' said Hilton ruefully. No said he, 'Raining and sun shine simultaneously!' Well, actually, yes it is quite common!
The men from Donegal and friends!
I met two men whom I had spoken with on the phone and enjoyed their conversation. In the flesh they were even nicer! One was the wonderful artist Sean O'Brogain of Boyne and Aughrim Visitor Centre(s) fame and illustrator for Osprey and Mike McNally's great titles. Thge other was his brother Thomas, historian, re enactment organizer and period expert. Their crew had travelled from Ireland to represent Purcell's/Cannon's Jacobites.
This lady made a superb trooper!
The camp was great, the equestrian skills of Alan Larsen and his group were outstanding. The weapon handling, drill instructions given in Irish Gaelic and fantastic engagement from Scots, Irish and far travelled English re enactment groups was really wonderful.
They started them young in 1689!
Perthshire looked majestic and I realize why I love this country when the sun shines - there is truly nowhere quite like it.
Galloper gun which fired a lot!

I will tickle your taste buds with a series of wonderful pictures (you can be the judge of that outrageously immodest statement!) what I actually mean is that the subject matter is wonderful.
Irish or French musketeer in Ireland 1690
I shot over 300 pictures during five hours of feverish activity. Having been at the Waterloo extravaganza and shared some shots on the blog previously you will see the difference in quality when you can get up close at a more bijou event.
Bonnie Dundee aka the ubiquitous Alan Larsen
This post is a general piece. The others will provide more detailed shots.

Enjoy! I did!