Soldiers of Killiecrankie - The Horse

Dunfermline's Gentlemen Volunteers
In this post you'll see some fantastic pictures of the small but very authentic and energetic group of equestrian re enactors representing the Earl of Dunfermline's Gentlemen Volunteers serving with Dundee at Killiecrankie.
An unusual view of the Horse
Led by Alan Larsen who has carved quite a profile for himself with his group The Troop, his brilliant performance at Waterloo 200 as Wellington and his other post Restoration efforts such as Sedgemoor, they put on a great display.
Officer of Horse about t decapitate a red cabbage on a pole!
Weapon handling, sword drills cavalry manoeuvring at speed, it was all there. The riders were made up of local volunteers suitably kitted out in civilian period clothes and some other re enactors from England and Ireland.
Advancing at the walk
I particularly enjoyed the three 20 minute displays the delivered and the pix convey some of the excitement. I have included a couple of less than perfect shots which convey the energy and authenticity of what was happening.

Loading a pistol whilst mounted looks tricky