Solidifying the Ghost Army Part 5 - How far can you get in a week?

A selection of the Ghost Army in the field

Something I am frequently asked is "how do you manage to be so productive?". The answer is quite simple. I don't have any spare time.

Lukas Strom takes an aimed shot

My day job keeps me away from home about 180 days per year on average. I long ago abandoned my portable painting kit which included about two dozen little Vallejo bottles carried around with my brushes, files, glue, scalpels and a portable lamp.

When once at Riyadh airport two soldiers made me unwrap a dozen painted horses and asked
"What are these?" I realized the game was up. I tried to explain. I showed them some unpainted ones. I showed them the paint bottles. When they started sniffing the painted horses I thought to myself... jail here I come.  At that point, I decided to confine my hobby work during travel to writing.

Some of the tricorned chaps

This means when I am home I lock myself in the man cave and pump it out to endless re-runs of Jonathan Creek, Morse,Lewis the IT Crowd, Bergerac et al. Having no spare time really focuses the brain. You use every single minute. I do not piss about in bed or surfing the net. I work to internally set deadlines and so.. to the subject of the Ghost Army.

A wide variety of head wear (or not)

Idea conceived on a night flight from JFK to LHR on June 17.  Conversions done on June 18 and 19. By June 24 I had used my evenings to paint fifteen of the thirty models having converted about two thirds of those.

Some of the distinctive Character models

Departure on the June 25 for DXB and not home for three weeks, I wanted to break the back of this project before I got distracted on the inbound. Three weeks without a paint brush in hand to think of new ways to waste my time at home is dangerous. I had to get most of it done!

The conversions were simple and fun - even Clib like 'em!

Proof of concept here and I must admit I really enjoyed taking the photos.

I hope to finish all of the remaining models on my return including the five cavalry and the all important force leader.

Here are the remaining nine Foot models waiting for me at home.

Putting it all together for an article for WI. Onwards.. I can smell my dinner cooking... chilli tonight.