Solidifying the Ghost Army Part 7: Wounded Sentinels

The wounded sentinels in the raw state

The sentinels completed

Although the Ghost Army force has only four units each with two characters attached I added two extra demi-units in order to make the scenario work. The first of these are three sentinels, each supposed to be wounded and therefore rated as Drilled in the scenario.

Ralf Abrahamsson in the raw form with milliput ragged cape

This unit has no characters attached. Two of the men have captured and outdated Russian bandoliers for their powder charges.

Mikael Gabrielsson  of the Narke Varmland Regiment in his Russian cap

These sentinels are set to guard a small cart containing wounded comrades.

Johan Lund a survivor of Lewenhaupt's army from Lesnaya

All three sentinels have some degree of conversion work. Two are from the Streltsi musketeer pack with head swaps. One is a tricorned head from S13 whilst the other is a head from Cavalry pack WLOA45 which contains bareheaded Imperial cuirassiers.

During the production process - left hand base unfinished

Ralf Abrahamsson has a nasty, open head wounded 

His blanket has seen better days but is keeping the blood off his tattered coat!

The figure with the bare head has had a tattered blanket thrown over his upper body for warmth.

Johan Lund a Baltic soldier from de la Gardie's Regiment.

Lund has looted old Russian equipment and wears a Private Pike style scarf!

His clothes have seen better days

The third figure is from S1 with one of the removed Streltsi heads added and a little tidying up using milliput around the neck area.
Bertil Arnesson he also has a head wound

Rear view of  Bertil Arnesson

Arnesson was in the Narke Varmland Regiment

All of the attached heads on all conversions are drilled and pinned.