Something completely different... Highlanders from Warfare Miniatures

Standard bearer or wealthy clansman

It's all my fault. For that I apologize. To not have hurried up and painted these lovely sculpts and share them is in of itself a serious misdemeanour.

Clan warrior

I commissioned these models from the talented Steve Shaw many moons ago. Steve works at his own pace and so the figures have trickled to me in batches over a protracted period. This perhaps contributed to the under the radar arrival of the set.


We now have a considerable number of Highlanders and Scots designed for use in the period 1675-1698. They do however have application in the English Civil War and 18th century Jacobite conflicts in 1715,1719 and 1745.

Clan chief or officer

There are 7 codes in the range which means in total 34 different sculpts including a mounted version of Bonnie Dundee.

Clan warrior

I will feature each code in detail and based for gaming as time goes by. I also intend to offer three different CLAN REGIMENTAL PACKS mixing the models in appropriate combinations.

PACK H06 Clansmen attacking
Steve's style makes them very easy to paint and the detail is crisp and well defined. In my painting tests here you will see I have avoided any searing reds and opted for lots of muted tones and simple chequered patterns on the plaids.
PACK H05 Clansmen ready - open handed
PACK H07 Highland Command with Dundee
PACK H03 Clansmen with matchlocks
PACK H02 Militia/Clansmen in mixed dress
PACK H04 Clansmen ready with mixed weapons
I have committed to participating in an event at Prestonpans (near Edinburgh) to support Scotland's Battlefield Heritage Trust. I will be using these models together with other Warfare Miniatures in recreation of the Battle of Killiecrankie 1689.

Fearsome clansman at Killiecrankie 2015 commemoration

My long running interest in this battle was further stimulated by attending the Soldiers of Killiecrankie living history event this year at the battlefield.
Clansmen at Killiecrankie

More on the Highlanders soon but enjoy these pix for now.

The battle I exhibited at Perth Museum a few years back