Spring Offer - A Taste of Victory! 33% off

In the spirit of optimism which Spring always brings I thought I would do a little special offer on A Taste of Victory!

The recent negative adjustment in postal rates and introduction of various random taxes by European countries on British goods have in truth, dented international buisness. Shipping prices to the US in particular are prohibitive and farcical. 

Best way round that is to make things a little more attractive to customers so. Until July 1st 2021, the price of A Taste of Victory will be reduced by a whopping 33% from £30 to £20.

The book has 18 cracking scenarios from 1676 - 1693 and sits as a great hardback companion to The War of Three Kings and the 4Play pdf scenario packs. Postage rates remain the same but this should restore a little cheer to the world!