Swedish Cavalry Regiments - GNW - industrial scale production Part 2

3 squadrons charge whilst another regiment awaits orders
Although my interest in the Great Northern War started in 1991 when I was introduced to the period through the collection of a gaming friend, never in the intervening time have I felt that games played in the period had enough Horse.

The new officer figure looks well as an unhorsed cornet
Those early games were played with Prince August style semi flat 30 or 35mm toy soldiers. I recall they were home cast from lead flashing or something similarly toxic. I have since heard through a chance meeting with another gamer who participated in those games that much of the collection has now been scrapped due to an inadvertent act of kindness going wrong. A new display cabinet was purchased for the owner who duly stored the troops therein. Unfortunately the cabinet had been treated with some chemical which reacted with the lead causing a severe attack of lead rot! Much of the collection was damaged beyond repair and thus was consigned to history.. but I digress.

Deep bases allow for creative positioning of officers
Back with the dearth of Horse thread... the evolving GNW collection will model the balance of forces correctly. Even at this early stage I have bitten the bullet and started to paint en masse. Swedish regiments were large - at full strength up to 1,000 men. In BLB terms this calls for four squadron regiments. This has prompted me to model several regiments the beginnings of which can be seen in the photographs of this post.

I needed an excuse to use some of the recent excellent flags for Poltava created by Clarence too. Although these will ultimately be swapped out they look good on these regiments right now and give a great impression of how the Swedish Army will look as I expand it.