Swedish Command S11 and S12 - painted after 18 months

Swedish Command Marching S11

Well, yes the models have been available for 18 months and maybe they have not sold as fast as other codes because I never got round to painting them and putting these nice versions in the shop!

Senior officer - possibly the colonel
No nonsense Sergeant
Elegant Drummer
Open handed Colour bearer
The second colour bearer

Both are for use with marching battalions with code S12 ostensibly for a karpus wearing battalion. Officers in the Swedish and Russian armies seemed to avoid the peasant style headgear, opting for tricornes.

S12 Command marching - drummer and NCO in karpus

The two drummers contained in these codes are wonderfully detailed and were very enjoyable to paint.

Sergeant in karpus

The drummer is a fine lad!
Could equally be and Ensign


Ensign or Colonel?

I will revisit a special Drummer feature post sometime soon.

Snuck in from S20!!

The combinations available with swords, standards and polearms mean the command packs are particularly versatile and able to be swapped around on command bases.