Swedish Force from the new BLB3 GNW supplement

Onwards to Vlasivka 1709
Trailing the Building your Force section of the new GNW Supplement to Beneath the Lily Banners 3rd Edition, here is the Swedish Force which fights in the example game Vlasivka 1709. The battle is a dramatic walk through the rule amendments for the Swedish army and the game was an extremely close run affair. Shots from the action are included in this post.

The Swedes are expensive using the points system and this is the force which arrives in dribs and drabs on the table to overcome a Russian force almost twice its size on the road to Poltava.

25 points of Swedish table top power

Swedish Force circa 1709

1 Veteran-Elite ‘Pike & Shot ’battalion with flintlock muskets, Swedish @ 3.5 points   3.5 points

2 Drilled ‘Pike & Shot’ battalions with flintlock muskets, Swedish each @ 2 points       2 points

3 Veteran squadrons of ‘Blade’ Horse, Swedish, each @ 3 points                                     9 points

5 Drilled squadrons of ‘Blade’ Horse or dragoons, Swedish each @ 2 points                 10 points

1 light gun @ 0.5 points                                                                                                    0.5 points

Total                                                                                                                                   25 points

Swedish Army on the march to Poltava

At the zenith of its power, the Swedish Army affected opponents equally on both physical and psychological levels. Its run of battlefield achievements and unpredictability in the face of adversity intimidated enemies which in turn, undermined the confidence of otherwise capable commanders.

General Dahlberg's Advanced Guard reaches the enemy positions at Vlasivka

On paper it appears that a player does not get much for his money with the above force but that is to ignore the speed and manoeuvrability of the Swedes. When attacking, opposing morale is undermined and the ‘uncontrolled charge’ risk adds a further level of morale depletion if invoked.

Närke-Värmland Regiment charges the enemy

This force must attack, there is no other way to win. Pick the point of decision and go for it. To hesitate will multiply the possibility of defeat. Lack of numbers create a vulnerability to distance fire which means closing to combat is a primary goal.

Dramatic cavalry action near the village

The Veteran-Elite unit could be such as the Dal Regiment. The cavalry can be Horse or dragoons as both operate the same unless the option to downgrade Swedish dragoons is used. The light gun may not be extraneous and could just wobble the morale of a brittle unit with an unwelcome morale check. 

This force represents the grizzled and self-confident army which left Poland in 1708 and marched into history at Poltava in 1709. Use it with confidence – Gå på!