Tactica 2016 - How was it for you?

What we travelled 1,800 miles to share - FRAUSTADT 1706

Having lit the post event cigarette... how was it for you Dear?

Tactica 2016 was an interesting and enjoyable event for the three musketeers Toggy, Gunter and I.
The venue is a suburban civic centre in Hamburg and easy to access for a first time visitor who had driven from Glasgow via Newcastle/Ijmuiden and the Dutch and German motorway network.

Narke-Varmlands storm the Russian outworks

We calculated that the 2.5 hour Glasgow-Newcastle drive + 15 hours North Sea crossing + 4.5 hours Ijmuiden-Hamburg trip was probably only 6 hours longer than the Glasgow-Dover + Channel crossing + Calais - Hamburg drive. What we lost on the roundabouts we gained on the swings - a lovely cabin on the boat plus fine dining, wine and a very restful night's sleep although we would have to sleep on the Calais routing too so in balance our chosen route was possible shorter, infinitely more enjoyable and definitely safer!

Three game turns before the previous picture!

Without sounding like I am fudging.. the show felt like a halfway step between a very good British show and an American convention. There was lots of table talk and a slightly reserved crowd milling through the hall for two days which is all very familiar but there was much more gaming at the table than British events. This was reminiscent of Historicon as were the sculpting demos, painting and craft workshops.

20mm Zvezda Battle of Lesnaya at the next table!

There were very few Brits at the show unlike Crisis. Apart from about 5-6 traders and a couple of expats, I spoke with none during the whole weekend. Dave Thomas seemed genuinely shocked when Toggy and I pulled up in the car park at 1630 on Friday night.

Niche period? never! a 28mm Donnybrook Lesnaya at the next table but 1

Saturday was jammed packed and intense with doors closing at 2000 hours. On reflection a slightly overlong day which was sore on the feet and a little fatiguing. We were in the hall from 0830 having set up on Friday night. Sunday was busy but more leisurely with a close at 1600.

a BIG Samurai skirmish!

There were some good traders. Toggy bought his much desired Aspern-Essling granary which we'll feature here at some point. I resisted most purchasing until a late bout of weakness so me pick up the 15mm game system By Fire and Sword. A glossy and well produced product which smacks more than a little of a Renaissance FoW approach.

Back at our table.. Bohuslans Dragoons engage the Saxons

The game selection was very good and I'll let the pictures do the talking. We were positioned in a good spot with plenty of space and excellent lighting. In the hall with us were a Donnybrook GNW game - very photogenic and responsible for generating lots of Donnybrook sales (thanks lads!) and in addition, a 20mm Zvesda game of Lesnaya by another German group who I have spoken to over the years at Antwerp.

Mortar direct hit on the hard fighting Livdragon Regiment

Our game simulated the climactic moments of Fraustadt 1706. We really did play for about 10 hours of the available 19 and that was both rewarding and tiring. We had a huge amount of interest and to my surprise the LoA brand seems very well known amongst gamers in Gemany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark and Sweden.

Russian Regiment Patkul proved a tricky proposition

 This was at the same time both pleasing and humbling. Thanks to all who were very kind in their comments about LoA output over the years. Someone even referenced an article I wrote in 2001! I can't remember that far back!

Sunday's version of the game including Saxons

Overall TACTICA was a great experience and very enjoyable. The initial reaction from us was.. we'll be back next year.

Swedes storm the village only to be ejected shortly after