Tales from Sverige Part 2 - Donnybrook in the Stockholm suburbs

Donnybrook in Stockholm! The teams assembled.
Barry Hilton - I very much enjoyed my evening in the company of Soren, Michael and the gang. They have a nice set up in a 'club basement' in the suburbs of the city. Having visited the Army Museum with the guys in the afternoon I headed out with Soren for a Donnybrook game set up by Michael in the evening.

What a gorgeous table.. the work of Michael Leck
Seven of the guys assembled for an exciting game based on one of the Donnybrook scenarios from the rulebook. The setting was a Skane Wars raid by the Danes on a Swedish wagon train. Michael used a nice variant on the card system by playing tow 'teams' against each other. When the generic cards were turned over the selected side could choose any unit or character to activate. This resulted in some nice team discussions ans choices about what was best to do next!

A detachment of the Dal defend the wagons
Michael, being from Dalecarlia was accused of some pro Swedish bias by his friends but I thought he umpired very fairly! The Swedes had a prominent representation from the famous Dalecarlian Regiment backed up by Bohus Dragoons, regular Horse and an artillery piece.

Snapphane face Bohus Dragoons - the Danes got stuffed here!
The Danes were regular troops and Snaphanne (Danish irregulars with a rough reputation). The Danes had the element of surprise, used a Scout and made some quick progress but the Swedes were pretty much in control of the game from the start. The dragoons fought very well, The Dal suffered some casualties defending the wagons but the Danes seemed somewhat hesitant and then plain unlucky with the dice.

Dal reinforcements march to meet the marauding Danes
The victory was a clear Swedish one and that seemed to satisfy the Umpire more than the players!

Beautiful scratch built work from Michael
Michael's terrain was lovely and his beautiful scratch built church (under construction) was a real joy.

Not often seen in a game - light artillery
The boys seemed to like the rules very much and a couple of extra copies stayed in Stockholm making my luggage lighter on the way home. I was back in my hotel for 10pm in time for a nice supper and some lovely Swedish IPA.. I kid you not!

Moment of victory.. the final blow from Swedish Horse
Join us again for more tales from Stockholm... next my visit to the Army Museum and some Great Northern War gems!

Editor - You can see more pics of this game, as well as Michael's AAR (and much more on Donnybrook) on the Dalauppror blog!