Tales from Sverige Part 7: Army Museum GNW trophy room

Can't remember which this was! Not in the trophy room though!
There are several trophy rooms in the Stockholm Army Museum. The Swedish Army seemed to like collecting the abandoned possessions of its defeated opponents.

Vastmanland Infantry flag
Michael told me the 'volcanoes' on the flag of infantry regiment Vastmanland are not volcanoes. They represent the fire of foundries or smelters in the region which was known for iron work. Although the flag appears yellow its field is of course white.
An example of the electronic display boards which accompany the trophies
This post is low on narrative and high on pictures. Where some interesting fact or conversation took place I have added some commentary.
Saxon flag
No, you didn't read the above caption wrong. This is I think the flag used by a regiment of Saxon prisoners in Swedish service at the battle of Fraustadt!.
Beautiful guidon of the Swedish Life Dragoons
Needless to say the detail will be passed to Mr Clarence Harrison who will in time I suspect produce some new flags for your delectation!
Russian Infantry flag

Camp marker pennon Danish Garden til Fods
This flag appears to have been lifted from a camp of the Danish Foot Guards. It would have marked the battalion's camp position.
Russian cavalry pennant
In the meantime I trust these will stimulate the imaginations of the wargaming community!