The Battle of Penny Burn Mill, Part Eight

Clarence Harrison - Right! Hotel rooms have been reserved. Our games have been submitted to the HMGS. Mr. Hilton is preparing to sacrifice a kidney with all of the plane tickets required. We are all set for Historicon 2016.

We are tentatively scheduled (won't know for sure until the PEL is released in May)...

1pm-5pm... Thursday, July 14th
8am-12pm... Friday, July 15th
2pm-6pm... Friday, July 15th
8am-12pm... Saturday, July 16th
2pm-6pm... Saturday, July 16th
10am-2pm... Sunday, July 17th

Now all we have to do is finish the project!

The board is maybe three quarters of the way finished. With the use of Heki scenic materials from Scenic Express I've managed to make the join of the boards invisible. Even the join of the stream has been cunningly concealed with the strategic placement of a fallen log. I've undercoated all of the remaining buildings, fences, tents, and assorted bits necessary to complete the scene.

I haven't decided for certain yet, but these may be the last pics of the table until the event so there will still be a few surprises left. There will be pics of more models and probably a few more details on the game as we go.