The big move

Will that shut?

Toggy and I set off on our trek at 1030, June 23.

Mission: Move Warfare Miniatures production lock, stock and barrel 141 miles from Middlesbrough to Nottingham. First we needed to do the 192 miles from home to Middlesbrough.

What? ALL of those? In the cage? You must be having a giraffe mate!

That journey was very productive as we got to grips with a new phase in Warfare's development. Lots of new options and ideas agreed. One of those being, to focus on several Ottoman releases over the summer and autumn period of 2018.

Loading up the moulds was interesting as I watch my car's suspension sag and sag.... and sag and that was before Toggy and I got in! Somewhat reminiscent of the voortrekkers transporting all their worldly goods only we were going south not north.

Just in case that's not enough - here's 12 kilos of masters to wreck the suspension
The journey was a controlled affair as we were carrying over 250 moulds which although individually do not weigh much, collectively proved significant.

Our evening repose was taken in Derby without any World Cup viewing but with a seriously excellent curry at the Shalamar, beer, gin, fizz, brandy and lots of wargaming chitter-chatter.

Sunday morning got us to tour new home and some serious unloading. The sun was shining it was about 25 degrees - life was - good!

Oh, and by the way, we collected the production volumes of Danes, Prussians and Swedish cavalry.

A new chapter has begun!