The Big One - Part 2 The Fleets

For the game I matched the fleets at around 2575 points give or take. The number of line of battle ships was twelve apiece with the Dutch using one frigate and the Allies two. In addition the Dutch used six fire ships and two hoekers whilst the Allies used four fire ships and two yachts.

 Dutch fleet

de Ruyter's Division

De Zeven Provincien (80)
Voorsichtigheid (84)
Spiegel (70)
Maagd van Dordrecht (68)
Ridderschap (65)
Berchermer (50)
Zeeland (42)
De Zeven Provincien (2nd rate)

Voorsichtigheid (2nd rate)

Maagd van Dordrecht (3rd rate)

Ridderschap (3rd rate)

Spiegel (3rd rate)

Beschermer (4th rate)

Zeeland (5th rate)

Fireships: Brand, Komeet, Zwarte Toren
Hoeker: Orchidee Roos

van Nes's Division

Eendraght (72)
Vrijheid (80)
Waesdorp (68)
Cabel (46)
Essen (50)

Eendraght (2nd rate)

Vrijheid (2nd rate)

Steenbergen (3rd rate)

Waesdorp (3rd rate)

Caleb (4th rate)

Essen (4th rate)

Fireships: Jager, Bolwerk, Dolfijn
Hoeker: Roos

Allied fleet

d'Estrees' Division (White)

Royal Therese (104)
Reine (104)
Tonnant (70)
Oriflamme (50)

Reine (1st rate)

Royal Therese (1st rate)

Tonnant (2nd rate)

Maure (4th rate)

Oriflamme (4th rate)

Prince Rupert's Division (Red)

Royal Charles (100)
Royal Katherine (80)
Warspite (70)
Princess (50)
Constant Warwick (42)
Assurance (42)

Fireships: Brock, Stag, Constance
Yacht: Sceptre

Warspite (3rd rate)

Princess (4th rate)

Royal Charles (1st rate)

Royal Katherine (2nd rate)

Constant Warwick (5th rate)

Assurance (5th rate)

Edward Spragge's Division (Blue)

Prince (100)
St George (70)
Cambridge (70)
Prince (1st rate)

Cambridge (3rd rate)

St George (3rd rate)

Fireship: Severn
Yacht: Sandwich