The Boyne - Groundhog day

The chap in the cap was the finest King James we had! Historicon 2010

With a recent post focused on our play test of Beneath the Lily Banners modifications I got to trawling my archive for previous efforts at recreating the Battle of the Boyne. I have a few!

Adding lots of troops on the north bank made it look very busy. Dumfries 2014

Here are some shots of some games large and not so large. Some date back a few years and of course the way we have represented the river has differed a little but all games were enjoyable and pretty.

Solo effort by me at Claymore in about 2009. I liked this game a lot

The models come from the collections of Dave O'Brien, Toggy Bob, Gerry Donohoe, Clarence Harrison, Adrian Howe and myself.

Redux at Claymore in 2016 and reduced in size too!

The captions do most of the talking in this post so....

Historicon in 2010 and Clarence's super terrain - many of these models stayed in the US

CH looking smug whilst I take the heat!

The 2009 game in Scotland - I also did it in Glasgow this year - that was brave!

The half men still get lots of positive comments

Dumfries again and we allowed lots more Jacobite infantry to reach Oldbridge

Terrain by Adrian at Dumfries. Oldbridge was probably too substantial with hindsight

Back to 2016 and the controlled playtest game at Claymore

We've had our money's worth out of the Boyne and that is for sure.