The irrepressible Henry Hyde....Battlechat 64

 I don't know how long these are supposed to last but Henry and I were talking for almost two hours today (the shortest daylight day of the year... and my longest conversation of the day). We were recording Battlechat #64 and Henry reminded me that the last time I was on his show was #32 so, a nice bit of symmetry there. 

We also talked about whether I would have to wait till #96 to do it again! I think it is due to go out this week before Christmas but I'll be happy whenever he decides to use it. 

We walked through what I'd been up to during 2020 and what is in store for 2021. It all flowed very naturally. Henry gets the conversation moving and keeps the energy levels up. He is also good at getting out of you what is in the pipe... good interview technique that!

Anyway, just a nod to another one of the hobby's busy eternal optimists. Well done Henry! I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation.