The Seven Musketeers…. (Apologies to A. Dumas)

Barry Hilton - Let me introduce to you the gang of seven. 

First is; Dave DOB O’Brien, veteran wargamer, my comedy partner and general dark horse. You name it, Dave has gamed it, painted it, written about it or read it. He is one of the founders of the League of Gentlemen Wargamers and a fellow Scot. A top bloke even though he comes from Edinburgh which everyone knows isn’t really Scotland but simply an annexe of London. 

Second up; Adrian ‘Ade’ Howe. He looks much more intimidating than he is. Grimsby Town fan, Heavy Metal freak, terrain builder par excellence, another of the LoGW crew and proprietor of Adrian’s Walls (great name eh?) a new and exciting wargaming architecture company. More of Ade’s walls, bunkers and bits anon. 

Third in the line-up; ‘Toggy’ Bob Talbot, a cheeky chappie from south of Watford who has traded in his English passport to come north and civilize the heathens over the wall (currently under restoration by Ade’s Walls of course). Toggy is a gamer, painter, foil to my more insane excesses of behaviour and all round nice chap. He is an Augsburger and League of Gentlemen member too. 

Next up, Clibinarium. Contrary to popular opinion he is not a Roman super heavy cavalryman but a very talented sculptor. He is the creative force behind Warfare Miniatures and a proud Irishman who knows his Sarsfields from his Butlers (Even though he’s never visited the Boyne despite living on the island all of his life). 

Let’s cross the Atlantic for number five; Mr Bob Miller, residing in the Lone Star State but native of Massachusetts. Bob has a long term passion for the period and is now the North American distributor for Warfare Miniatures. Bob has been known to slide across the Pond now and again and we are always glad to see him! 

The other American in our gang is Clarence Harrison; Artist, painter, wargamer, author, graphic designer and the epitome of a Southern gentleman even though he nearly lives in the North but hell, Virginia was in the Confederacy and that is good enough for me! Clarence is my other half in all our rules ventures, the designer of Quindia Studios flags and illustrator in chief of Wordtwister Publications output such as Beneath the Lily Banners and Republic to Empire. We met on the net… like a blind date! We’re both married already, it’s OK, don’t worry! 

Seventh from seven is me. Barry Hilton. I like wargaming and have been known to dabble here and there. I have too many opinions for a small man but there you go. 

We are friends who have pulled our collective intellect (however limited that might be before anyone else tries with the funnies) to bring you a blog on the League of Augsburg period as we see and experience it. It’ll be full of ideas, scenarios, reviews, how to, game reports, rule amendments, army lists and force ideas, uniform info, painting guides, articles, comments, some interviews with prominent hobbyists, pre-release previews from Warfare Miniatures, Quindia Studios, Wordtwister Publishing and Adrian’s Walls. We might even extend our scope to the WSS (as long as no one calls it the Marlburian Period) and GNW occasionally! We will at some stage invite guest bloggers to join us and hope to offer a strong and enjoyable diversion from work (please break the rules and log in whilst at your desk!).

Hope you find something you like here.