The Troop - Recreating the period in 'real life' size

Now this IS impressive! Bonnie Dundee's braw laddies!
The Troop is a multi-period cavalry re-enactment group specialising in the portrayal of British cavalry from the English Civil War through to the Great War. In that time The Troop has appeared at numerous events in Great Britain, Spain, the Crimea  and South Africa.

In the last couple of years Alan and his comrades have concentrated on Great War centennial activities ,the lead up to Waterloo 200 and, of most interest to our blog members, events commemorating the Restoration period, Monmouth's Rebellion and the Williamite Wars.

Monmouth's Life Guard with carbines
To that end in 2013/14 The Troop undertook cavalry displays in those guises at Kelmarsh Hall, Norton St Phillips and Killiecrankie respectively. 

At the George Inn Philip's Norton/Norton St Philips
Plans are afoot for 2015. The Killiecrankie commemorations are confirmed for the weekend of the 25th and 26th of July.

The chaps have also been invited to be a part of the Sealed Knot's 330th Anniversary event at Sedgemoor on the 4th and 5th of July in their 1685 Royal Dragoons guise.

Warfare Miniatures Monmouth at the George! WLOA22
Alan Larsen has been kind enough to provide this wonderful peek behind the curtain and allow us to marvel at the authenticity of his group's efforts.

The Royal Horse Guards ride down the Lyme Independent Company
I know Alan visits the blog occasionally and I am certain he'll be delighted to know that the previous post was one of the most popular items we've had up over the last 6 months will lots of hits and many 'Likes'.

The Rebels attack! From a recent game soon to be featured.
I for one hope Alan continues to provide us with such dramatic eye candy!