The War in Ireland - A trip through the archives Part 2

Warfare Miniatures - infantry in Ireland mostly from codes V01-V06

Having hungrily sucked up as much of what little collateral I could find in the early days of being interested in the period, I began to assemble my own bits and pieces and make that available. Of course, this is a continuous work in progress as new information occasionally appears or I decide to revisit certain aspects and reappraise it. 

Willem van Oranje

It is not commercially viable to produce all of this material in hard copy as printing and storage costs are prohibitive for such a specialist topic in a niche hobby. In saying that, there has been a steady and I am glad to say, growing demand for it.
Early war period Jacobite Army

Let's begin with the Warfare Miniatures and the range of figures on offer. If the range has had a compass bearing over the years it has probably been the War in Ireland although the period is so interchangeable in terms of theatre and military styles that available figures have a wide application. The good news is that this is set to increase significantly over 2022. 

Enthusiastic Jacobite cavalry

Many of the original codes are being revisited. I have frequently thought of withdrawing codes WLOA1- WLOA14 and that time may come in 2022. These would then be replaced by new versions. 

The available Quindia Studios flag codes are extensive but not exhaustive. There are many units which we did not issue designs for and many of the existing designs are conjectural in order to fill the vacuum in collateral which does not help gamers.It is likely that some designs will be revisited in 2022 particularly those of Jacobite infantry regiments - this will mean new releases.

The League of Augsburg uniform pdf guides have grown in number and detail. The best selling guides are not surprisingly those for the armies at the Boyne but the others I am much prouder of because of the detail included. The Western Protestant forces, Derry and Marlborough's campaign documents cover ground left relatively untouched previously.There are now 27 different pdfs covering the uniforms and flags of  the forces of both sides from 1688 till 1691.

I have significant content on the Jacobite forces at Aughrim in draft form and hopefully that will see the light of day in 2022.

Lockdown created the 4Play idea and its popularity has encourage me to continue to expand the range. Some new scenario pdfs have to be released, others are in the pipe but currently there is a significant number which focus on the campaigns in Ireland. 
Set up for an engagement at Sligo between Sarsfield and the Huguenots - unpublished.

I also have a series of nearly 50 unpublished scenarios written and photographed some examples of which appear below. These are all for the wars in Ireland and cover everything from Donnybrook to major battles.

Set up for a scenario at Dundalk September 1690 - unpublished.

The third edition of Beneath the Lily Banners - The War of Three Kings is themed around the Irish War and that is almost out of print now and presents Clarence and I with a choice about reprint, remaining only in pdf or recasting the book format with new content but no rules changes. There is no need for that as the mechanisms are working very smoothly. A visit to the popular Facebook group (not administered by either of us I hasten to add) will testify to the rules user base which has grown steadily.

Within  A Taste of Victory - the War in Ireland gets prominence with several battles featured. I have now started acting as tour guide for Promenades Travel and am scheduled to guide at least one and perhaps two 3 day tours of the battlefields of the Boyne, Athlone, Aughrim and Limerick in 2022. The link can be found here.

The League of Augsburg YouTube channel has collateral on the war including a pretty popular video on the Battle of the Boyne from a wargaming perspective. I plan to augment this content in the short term with more videos, some based on virtual talks I have delivered as primers for wargaming groups intersted in the period. There may actually be recordings of these talks available from the Ulster Wargaming Society and Phoenix Club in Scotland. I think I recall doing a podcast talk for Henry Hyde's Wargaming channel at one point also. 
Aughrim refight (one of several)

In summary, with over a hundred games under my belt and a welter of blog articles on the war created over the years here on the League of Augsburg blog, there is no excuse not to dive in to a truly fascinating wargaming opportunity and also come to appreciate a little more about the legacy of this  330 years old war which influences our society even up to the Brexit agreement of today.