The work of Dino Todaro

Swedish Regiment Vasterbotten - the basing really sets off the unit superbly

Wargaming takes some unusual turns. When we visited Tuscany on holiday I arranged to meet an Italian gamer, collector and painter with whom I had corresponded for a couple of years. When we met in his beautiful home town of Lucca we really hit it off.

Detail of the three stands of Vasterbotten Regiment

Since then we have met again and shared stories of gaming and painting as well as me learning much about gaming in Italy and the history of Tuscany.

Dino does beautiful work and this post shares some excellent examples of his Russian and Swedish GNW regiments. His cabinet is full of lovely units and I was really pleased when he sent these pictures.

Russian Regiment Narvski

I am sure he will not mind me sharing them.

When last we were together he also gifted me an astonishingly detailed Italian publication on the Battle of Marsaglia which I have shown below.

Detail of the three stands of Narvski

The detail is amazing and there is an abundance of illustrations. I will do longer piece on the book soon.

Plates from the book - there are numerous plates, pictures and print facsimiles

Orbat from the book

Dino - thanks for the beautiful pictures. I love the groundwork and the style of your unit construction. Keep up the great work!

Sample illustrations from the book