Toggy's Cossacks - a splash of colour

Nothing quite like polish on the Polish! - Toggy's winter work.

A splash of colour in a dull world, no. I am not talking about Toggy Bob I am talking about his lovely unit of Cossacks!.. although, Toggy has his moments!

In an effort to persuade him to spend less time with dead fish and rotting fruit I hope to encourage his undoubted but rarely deployed talents away from collecting truck number plates and toward beautiful little metal men who require loving attention from acrylic paint and 00 brushes.

The pointing chap is a TAG model I think - Foundry horse though.

As he takes great pains to tell me what a twat I can be with all my travel and work I thought I would, in the nicest possible way, ask him to sup the medicine from his own spoon by featuring what he is capable of when not keeping the world moving on 18 wheels.

I thought the blue banner and lance theme went well with the way Bob painted the minis.

These models are from Foundry, sculpted by the Twins many moons ago but still fantastic little pieces. My only complaint is that Foundry don't seem to love their moulds the way they should and for the price they are charging you would expect to get fully formed hands and not something that looks like a blob on the end of the arm.

The white undercoat really helps these colour combinations

The practical output is that the lance has to be rested on the dobbin's head to stop it falling out every time the wind blows.

Toggy uses a white undercoat and this brings out the colours in a very natural way. The wee blokey in the chain mail is a TAGer I think. Nice touch. When I based them I thought I'd lean a banner against him which adds further interest. Originally I was going to make it a lance but what the hell, there was a flag left over and you can never have enough flags in a Polish army.

Confused and caught in the daylight - Togwitis Nocturna

Another squadron or two of these will do nicely thanks Togwit. I will resist any further references to Yorkie bars, checked shirts and tachographs (I never understood why truckers monitored their intake of Mexican fast food anyway). Step away from the shiny Scania and move over to the painting table, you know that is where you really belong!