Too quiet on the Western Front

Dear Blog followers,

OK time for much less of this.....

I apologize (but only halfheartedly) for the hijacking of the blog recently and my endless missives from the fields of Belgium. I do hope you understand that the likelihood of such an interruption happening again will not become an issue for at least 50 or maybe even 100 years.

And much more of this!

We can once more settle into our comfortable pike and shot clothing and get back to talking about the important matters at hand.

This year has been full of events, many of which have been both surprising and unpleasant. The most recent was the sudden and tragic passing of Clarence's wife Sara. This terrible news comes on top of a very close work colleague of 16 years dying suddenly in service in April the fall out of which was difficult to deal with and extremely time consuming. Personal tragedies for two of my other colleagues and extraordinarily challenging workload with more travel than ever before have ramped up the level of turbulence.

At last.. the French dragoons will receive Command!

We have experienced the production difficulties resulting from the tragic death of Stewart Griffin and some home disruption as our entire house gets refitted from top to bottom. 2015 is not a year we'll forget in a hurry.

However, and there is always with me.. however....on the positive side ...

Quiz Question: Which scenario from the new Ireland book?

The Ireland book is developing very nicely with the page count increasing by the day despite the fact that we are currently laying out the book. Several good ideas have emerged from the dialogue with the design team. Clarence's focus has understandably been elsewhere for a year or so and the Ireland book is a new creative collaboration.

I have also, with the help of some of our Blog members, begun the compilation of the scenarios for the second volume of the book. Clarence has stayed involved and worked up a wonderful piece of cover art which is in the process of receiving the detail aspects now.

But no prizes for guessing this one

A conversation as recently as last night brought some welcome news. The French Dismounted Dragoon Command are completed! I will see the sculpts shortly. We will also have around 5 packs of GNW Russian Infantry ready before the end of July. Mounted dragoons will follow.

I write this post from the Algarve where three of the Hilton Clan currently reside. As yet I have not visited any sites of hugely significant historical interest but have discovered two 17th century forts built to subdue Barbary pirates. Photos in due course. I am, avoiding the sun, drinking local wine and writing a lot.

Bonus shot of Jim Masson's Dumbarton's Regiment of Foot

More posts shortly... Bon Dia!