Ultimately a productive week..

Another batch of Haitians completed

It didn't start well with three of my holiday days being taken up with work and I thought my painting plan would go to wrack and ruin. Nevertheless, focus is the watchword and the tally for the week was
45 figures and 13 war dogs which I am pretty happy with. All completed on the terrace whilst the family were out supporting the local economy.

The somewhat equine canines from Trent at left of shot

As this was probably the last chance I was going to have to get some painting done for the forthcoming Dumfries weekend. I am glad I left the heavy planning to the last moment as due to unforeseen circumstances we have had a few call offs.  The paperwork can get completed on the flight back with final commands and scenarios being revised.

Somewhat rough work but, they are a rough crew

Looks like we will end up with nine players which is still a good number and will ensure the shenanigans continue unabated. At one point it looked like we would be running with fifteen which actually would have been very challenging not only from the organizational side but also from the perspective of space.

Needless to say, the remainder of this week was consumed in painting some additional ship's crews, Haitians and war dogs.

More scallywags to bolster the 50 already done back home

I have used the Celtic War dogs (Mastiffs and Wolfhounds) from Warlord which are very good representations and also the Trent Caribbean hunting dogs which I must confess are much less convincing as canine sculpts. They'll do for my purposes but I think they need a bit of a rework and the proportions and faces are very strange.
The ship's crews are being used for the Fre'm'yo nan kot la (Freeman Cutler's) Privateer faction and the Haitians for the Kil nam Lamno - indigenous Faction.  These will be active in the tropical theatre whilst we continue to tough it out in England with the more traditional troop types.

All good fun. My painting style for these was not the usual level of detail but more an impressionist look I was attempting to achieve with speed. It worked certainly from my perspective.

Nice city, I even got to see it

Adios from Murcia - Blighty tomorrow!