Uniforms of the Foot Guard Regiments

King's Regiment of Footguards

Often in regimental museums little space is given to the early part of unit histories. Perhaps a plate or some sketches, occasionally a musket, hat or coat.

Scots Regiment of Foot Guards

Not so the regiments of Scots and English Foot Guards!

Coldstream Guards

In their museum plenty of space is dedicated to the first 50 years of their existence. Lots of original documents, facsimiles, plates, equipment, mannequins paintings and explanation are on display.

King's musketeer and Coldstream pikeman

different view

Effectively the three regiments of Foot Guards are the nucleus of the British Army and they have been involved in almost every campaign since 1660 in some form or another.

a grim visage

These pictures show some of the fine pieces on show in the museum.

Coldstream Guard