Warfare and WSS by stealth

A very large Malplaquet game I organized and ran about 10 years ago - spots the Minifigs!

The War of the Spanish Succession (WSS) may appear to have been some sort of enormous elephant in the room for Warfare Miniatures but not so. Rather than being a conflict which I have no interest in, the Nine Years War is a conflict when has voraciously consumed my interest leaving little time for anything else.

WLOA9 - These grenadiers can serve in several armies 1700-1714

Notwithstanding, Warfare Miniatures has quietly being building availability of forces for the WSS over a long period. Since the entire 1670-1720 period was one of military evolution and transition, it can be robustly argued that the original codes offered by Warfare were adequately suited to at least the 1701-1707 span of the WSS.

It is likely that for the fist several years of the 18th century - the tricorne did not abound!

Pikes, floppy hats and matchlocks continued to appear both in contemporary illustrations and on campaign. Those who would have us believe that a hard stop regarding the above items took place on December 21 1699 and that from the following day/century, it was all socket bayonets, flintlocks and manufactured tricornes with hat lace need to get out of the bunker a bit more.

WLOA50 Tricorned curassiers with frnt and back armour

Warfares' most popular cavalry code WLOA53 - tricorned, cuirass under coat - painted as French

WLOA54 Command

That said, from the issue of our Cuirassier cavalry about four years ago, we have been producing models specifically for the Tricorners!

Bareheaded German cuirassiers - they can be used from 1675-1720

German cuirassier Command

Codes WLOA48 - WLOA56 offer tricorne wearing cavalry with back and breast over the coat, under the coat and breast plate only. Without being too prescriptive and apply extreme pedantry, a mixture of such troopers in the same unit is likely to be as realistic as the variation in equipment seen within any modern unit of any army on campaign.

WLOA151 French dragoon Command dismounted versions

Dragoon codes WLOA58 - WLOA60 covering English/Dutch/Danish/German/Spanish etc style and WLOA61-63 covering French style can be comfortably used in the WSS although we will soon be issuing dragoons in tricornes and fur hats.

Mounted French style dragoons of the period

Where the WSS contingents really started to multiply was with this year's release of the Danish infantry codes D01-D05  and Prussian codes P01-P05.

WSS Danish Infantry

Code D01 Danish infantry in double breasted coat

D03 Danish Command

The distinctive double breasted coat of the Danes was not unique but limits the wider use of these models however, the style modelled on the Prussian infantry means they can be used widely for Hanoverian, Hessian, Holsteiners, Brunswickers and Saxons. These states all provided large contingents to the Dutch and Imperial armies of the WSS.

P01 Prussian (German style) WSS equipment

PO2 Prussian Grenadiers

PO3 Prussian (German) Command

PO4 Prussian (German) Musketeers firing

PO5 Prussian (German) Musketeers loading

Group of Prussians

Group of Saxons

Our tricorne wearing Russian infantry; codes R01-R05, R10-R14 have a potential wide application amongst western forces. The uniform style is generic with common pocket shapes and equipment. These can easily be deployed in a multitude of guises from Spanish to Savoyards.

R011 - Russians but could be used for pretty much anyone

RC01 Russian Dragoons - could be 'Any' Cavalry
R012 Russians Marching (could be used for loads of armies)

R014 Russian Command - universally usable

The Russian and Swedish artillerists can also be widely used. RA01-RA03 and SA01-SA03 one set without drop collars on the coat and the other with, could find there way into almost every army of the period.

Swedish Artillery SA03 - could even be English after a certain time

More Swedish artillerists with drop collar
Russian gunners could be universally used

We have French infantry flags which were used in the period together with Danish, Saxon, Dutch, English and Scots.

All this before we 'officially' turn on the tap to the WSS which we will do very soon. The addition of several distinct codes will connect many of the options mentioned above offering gamers and collectors the opportunity to build almost any army the desire for the 1701-1714 period.