Warfare ECW/TYW releases

Line of of three of the 10 Harquebusiers

This is a departure from our core period but an exciting one nonetheless. We have an initial release of nine sculpts of cavalry for the English Civil War / Thirty Years War period.

Montero and buff clothing

The dress of these 'Harquebusiers' is a mixture of armoured and unarmoured with lobster helmets, soft hats and montero caps. We have charging and resting poses both with swords and pistols.

Front view of the same figure

The saddles are integral to the riders. The definition on the models is very crisp with characterful faces and painting them was extremely easy and pleasurable.

This is one of the small horses in the standing pose

This first article shows three of the models which I have managed to squeeze into my painting schedule between lots of GNW and WSS pieces. I have tried to show different colours -tawny, crimson and blue sashes and different shades on the buff coats.

A more TYW colour scheme - hatted man on small galloping horse

I am an enthusiast about the period 1618-1648 and in fact my Pike & Shot passion began with the campaigns of Montrose, moving to the late 17th century about six or seven years after spending a lot of time collecting ECW and TYW models.

The 'Swedish' chap again

Where might Warfare Miniatures go with this diversion? Well, we are financially robust and a significant expansion is possible but that will somewhat depend on the response to these first 10 models.

I avoided as much as possible black and white when painting these models

The horse variants available to us now are significant. These models sit equally well on small, medium or large mounts and as can be seen, on standing or moving mounts.

A large trotting horse with a Royalist or Imperialist Harquebusier

I particularly enjoyed painting the armoured model which has a back and breast plus helmet configuration. Four (perhaps five, I just can't remember right now) of the models in the range have lobster helmets.

Same chap - three other helmeted models will make up an exciting unit

Tw models have montero caps and the remainder have soft hats. All have buff coats. The models are all master moulded and we can go to production pretty quickly.

A final view of one of the first three sculpts

I am in no great hurry to release these models and I will be interested in the market response and potential demand for them. Pricing will be in line with normal Warfare Miniatures cavalry packs with 3 models and horses in a pack with a price of £8.50.

The trio having swapped mounts

I don't normally actively solicit comment on models and leave that to the discretion of Blog followers but I would be particularly interested in the appetite for a dalliance in this period from Warfare.