Warfare GNW Mounted Russian Dragoons - New Sculpts

We have two sets of Russians sculpted with more to follow. We have chosen not to show the traditional dragoon pose with musket resting on calf. Our muskets will be attachable to the trooper together with the scabbard.

I noticed a comment on TMP regarding the horse sizes. This is an interesting case of wargamers preconditioning their own expectations and extrapolating out. The horses we have chosen are the 'mid size from EBOB. The horses shown in the blog  post on Grand Alliance period dragoons are EBOB small horses. Clib has obviously done a lot of work on both sets as anyone can see.

Dealing with the size issue, we deliberately chose not to use the EBOB large/heavy cavalry horse as it does not match with historical accounts of the type of horses used both by the Swedes and the Russians. Both used relatively small horses and the models are scaled to the horses.
A pre conception that all horses should be large and that the rider should be in direct proportion is simply not accurate. Often gamers want life to imitate wargaming and not the reverse. We stand by our decision!

Russian Dragoon troopers ready 1
GNW Horses - There are 5 new poses including officer's horse
Russian Dragoon Command
Russian Dragoon Command

Russian Dragoon troopers ready