Warfare GNW R14 Sexy Russian Command

This pack is figure porn. I love the poses, the definition and the ease with which they paint up.

The Sergeant is pointing with purpose. He looks like a Vet. I gave him a very plain uniform in the paint job but that just adds to his no nonsense air.

Russian Drummers' uniforms are relatively plain compared with even the Calvinist Swedes. This chap has the swallow's nest shoulder ends as frippery but all the rest of the lace detail is pretty much painted on by me.

The Colonel/Senior officer has wonderful character and a dramatic pose - 'Send the Swedes back to the Baltic shore!' he appears to shout whilst waving his hat purposefully in the direction of travel. Big wig, nice moustachio (He is probably a German - the mostly were!) He could equally be an Ensign or carry a different polearm. I thought he's look grand with the tasselled spontoon and doesn't he just?

The Fahnen-Junker - The young ensign with the 'Wayne & Garth' hair and the slightly ill fitting coat looks just the part. I am sure he'll carry the colour with pride.

The Senior officer/Ensign is a picture of military efficiency. Smart, good uniform, look of determination. I think the Swedes may have a compulsory -1 on morale when facing this Colour Party.

This lovely new set will have to go some to beat the popularity of R5 which is the best selling GNW code we have so far (except for the Swedish cavalry troopers)