Warfare GNW R16 Russian Grenadiers

Lots of hares have been running for many years on the topic of Russian Grenadier dress. The perpetuated image has been that of a tall mitre capped chap in a plain uniform very much in the fashion of the paintings of the English Foot Guard grenadiers or contemporary North German States'

More recent research points to alternatives. The Russians appear to have had at least four regiments of Foot grenadiers and some, maybe all infantry regiments may also have had grenadier companies or detachments.

Our new chaps from R16 are pretty tooled up. Belly boxes, massive Russian style grenadier satchels, tallish fur caps with cloth bags. These guys look the business.

The uniform and equipment detail is fantastic. I was tempted to paint them in cornflower blue coats but opted for a flat green instead which works very well.

These figures have lots of characters and although a careful paint job was required (with extra detail on mitre bag piping etc) the outcome was satisfying and will look great en masse.

I have included a picture of the test Grenadiers we modelled about two years ago as a comparison. I have cast to order several units of thee mitred chaps for customers. As they are masters they are more expensive but they look nice too.