Warfare Miniatures - figure availability update

I thought it would be useful to update on the stock situation at Warfare Miniatures. Firstly, we are all healthy here (thank goodness and touch wood). The company is also healthy so we are not in any trouble, packing up, going bust, dying off, fleeing the country (some chance).

Covid has however, interupted what is commonly known as 'the supply chain'. Our main contract casters have not been supplying us for months now. This means stock has run to zero on certain codes and when that happens, I pull the line from the site.

Recently, I have received some stock of certain items, mostly in the early codes part of the range together with mounted dragoons.

I have revised the availabilty of some battalions and individual packs as a result. I know you are frustrated and I am sure you can sense my frustration in this mail too, however, things wil return to normal and I see that as a gradual process. 

I believe Clarence is having the same challenges with Warfare USA as I supply his stock, the only difference between us that his shortages may be slightly different from my own.

Another consequence of the current hiatus is the backlog of master casting for new releases. I am currently sitting on greens for Tatars and mounted Cossacks but I can't get their master moulded either. 

As one of the World's Premier Optimists (WPOs) I predict an abundance of riches when things resume a semblance of normality. Lots of new releases and lots of happy gamers. 

Please stick with it folks. Warfare Miniatures is in it for the long haul and we'll be around with your reinforcements as soon as is practical. 

For those customers caught in limbo awaiting out of stock items, I thank you sincerely for your loyalty and patience. I have tried to compensate where at all possible.