Warfare Miniatures GNW picture gallery

Occasionally it's time for some unashamed picture overdrive without the commentary. Here are some nice shots from the Great Northern War range which hopefully will inspire some of you to the brush.

Lifeguards pike men leave their billet
Point blank shot at a chicken?

General Rehnskold
Final attack at Poltava
Saxon Battle line at Klissow

Streltsi - at the Gates of Narva (before the bad weather of course!)

It's cold up North! Swedes dug in to receive the onslaught

Russian General ordering the advance (let's hope the men follow!)

The Swedish stereotype - looks good though!

Russian positions at Fraustadt

Magnus Stenbock - Swedish Hero
Russian Commanders

Charge! The Blue Machine

Russian Forlorn Hope

Battery area
Russian Grenadier firing line

Russian gun stuck in the Ukraine mud

Swedish Winter Warriors