A short post in response to the inevitable questions now arising about range compatibility between Warfare Miniatures new Great Northern War figures and existing offerings in the market. I took this quick shot to illustrate...
Warfare Miniatures figure on the left. In the centre is a Musketeer Miniatures drummer and on the right a Foundry Swedish grenadier. Musketeer are the tallest and in terms of body mass, the largest.
The anatomy of the Foundry figure is characteristic of the Perry style of the time (about 20 years ago)

Most Musketeer figures are in action poses so it is not easy to find a figure standing upright to get a true height perspective.

I was not able to find any Reiver GNW models for a direct comparison.

At Warfare Miniatures we are now using body dollies that produce models about 1mm taller than our original releases. The difference is only really noticeable with very close inspection but the anatomical proportions of torso to leg length, head and hand size to body and arm length are as close to reality as we can manage.