Warfare Miniatures GNW Swedish artillery combinations - Overview

Running back a light field piece

This post highlights the different combinations I have been experimenting with using 14 of the new Swedish Artillerists for the GNW range.

Loading a light field piece

I will feature every one of these pieces in detail in separate posts but this taster allows those interested to see how they can be used.

Shooting a light field piece

The pieces I have used are the Light gun (WLOA16) and the Galloper gun (WLOA15) together with items from the Siege pack WLOA918 (barrels, bells, sieves etc) and some lead shot from someone's ammunition for their shotgun!

A Galloper gun with 3 crew men

The Tumbril Cart base is a WiP piece as is the Galloper gun base neither of which have the ground work finished.

Artillerists move a baggage cart - no conversions here

I have been hugely impressed by the options presented by these models and one of the finest hasn't even been moulded yet - the chap holding his ear against the cannon's roar.

Lower angle shot of running back the light gun

More pictures and detail features on the vignettes soon.