Warfare Miniatures Great Northern War Range :Command charging in tricorne

This code is the most dynamic so far. The sculpts are in my opinion right at the apex of  wargaming figure design. The pack consists of a senior officer, an ensign, a junior officer, a sergeant and a drummer. This is the standard mix in Warfare Miniatures command packs.

The Sergeant has the look of a real veteran about him. Calling to has men and perhaps encouraging or chiding them. He is open handed and I have chosen to equip him with a traditional sergeant's pole arm.

The Drummer is a gem. Carrying his huge drum and trying desperately to hang on to his hat he is running to keep pace with his charging battalion. His coat is decorated with lace and his drumsticks are grasped in his left hand.

The junior officer is youthful and energetic. He is an obvious candidate for a battalion colour.

The Ensign appears older and more experienced. He strides out, colonel's colour held aloft and shouting for both God and King Karl.

The senior officer, wig flying in the wind races forward at the head of his battalion waving his tricorne and bawling encouragement to the men Ga Pa!