Warfare Miniatures H003 Highlanders with matchlock muskets

H003 Highlanders with matchlock muskets
Not all Highlanders had broadsword and target or Lochaber axes. Many will have been equipped with muskets and after the out at Killiecrankie many more probably picked up muskets from the Williamite dead.
Firing variant 1
These models could be used as far back as the Civil War and as far forward as the 1719 Jacobite Uprising.
Ready variant 1
The poses and interesting variants on the theme of man with firearm in plaid.Having such figures in small and discreet units or mixed in with more traditionally armed Highlanders offers an extra dimension.
rear view detail
In skirmish games on a 1 for 1 basis entire units of Highland musketeers could be deployed which is a fine sight.
Firing variant 2
nice detail of the slung target on his back
Designed by Steve Shaw, I am proud to have this code in the Warfare range!
Get ready! - They Billy Connolly figure as Steve call him

Variant 2 of this pose