Warfare Miniatures July Offer - Swedish Battalions @ £25.00

Battalion SB01 

Swedish Battalion SB03

Well, to celebrate the summer, my birthday month and the continuing march of the GNW project, Warfare have a July 2017 special offer.

S1 x 2 in battalion SB1

S3 x 1 in battalion SB1

S5 x 1 in battalion SB1

Battalion codes:

SB01 Swedes in Tricorne Standing ready
SB02 Swedes in Karpus Standing ready
SB03 Swedes in Tricorne Marching
SB04 Swedes in Karpus Marching

Will all be available for £25.00 ex postage.

S4 x 1 in battalion SB02

Each pack contains 20 models - 10 musketeers, 5 pikemen and 5 Command. As battalion packs are already reduced by 20% this additional saving equates to a 26% discount on normal pack price making each model £1.25.

S7 x 2 in battalion SB03

S1 x 1 in battalion SB03

S5 x1 in battalion SB03

The prices for these battalions will be adjusted in the shop from June 30th.

Dispatch will be within two weeks of order as I am of on my travels to tropical climes once more.

S4 x 2 in battalion SB04

S6 x 1 in battalion SB04

Here is a chance to swell the ranks of your Carolinians! Gå på!

Battalions SB03 (front) and SB01 (rear)