Warfare Miniatures Mounted Dragoons - pre release view

BLB squadron size - six models

Well these chaps have taken a long time to appear but having had a chance to paint one each of the first six models and four new horse types I am hugely pleased with what we are about to release and believe them to be we worth the wait.

Dragoon horses - smaller than standard cavalry mounts

Featured here are three Command and three dragoon models in hats which could be used for many nations including English, Scots, Irish Williamite and Jacobite, Saxon, Dutch and various German states.

Dragoon equipment on the right side of the saddles

The model with carbine at the trail has a separate hand which easily slots into a socket.

One issue we discussed ad nauseam was whether we scale the horses properly to the smaller mounts which dragoons would normally have ridden. In the end we decided to bite the bullet and do it properly.

Mounted dragoon drummer from the Command pack

This horse size is likely also to have been characteristic of Swedish cavalry during the Great Northern War but that would be a real emotional hurdle to jump with gamers we believe!

Each code will be featured in detail over the next week or so and this particular post is constructed to give interested gamers a preview.

Guidon bearer with the standard of Conyngham's Enniskillen Dragoons

After my return from an imminent business trip I will paint up the six equivalent models in French uniform. Following that we hope to have the same combination in fur hats and then tricornes. Also in the pipe are a further three dragoons of each headwear variant: hat, French cap, fur cap and tricorne to flesh out the units. There were a lot of dragoons in this period!

In addition the horse holder variants are also underway.

Three dragoon variants - getting away from the trad dragon pose on the right

I have customized these particular models with green sprigs in their hats signifying allegiance to the Grand Alliance. They are painted as Conyngham's Enniskillen Dragoons circa 1689.

Command pack - the models also fit onto larger sized cavalry horses